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Welcome Players

Prepare yourselves for adventure in the far future! New and innovative technologies at your disposal, travel among the stars over fantastic distances, upgrade your body with cybernetic enhancements, and interact with strange and wonderful beings. For this adventure campaign, you will be using the D20 Modern core rules as the basis for play. To bring our adventure to the far future supplements will be used such as D20 Traveller, d20 Future, Future Tech, GURPS Space, various sci-fi novels, etc., as additional resources. I would like you to begin thinking of what type of character you would like to play. Familiarize yourselves with the different types of characters and character classes to choose from in d20 Modern as well as d20 Future supplements. Each of you will begin at level 1 and develop his/her/its personality and life history (see rule book for details).

Player Resources

d20 Modern System Reference Document
d20 Modern SRD PDF version
d20 Modern Character Generator
Hero Machine 2.5